Best Blood Glucose Monitor Reviews

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Make use of the best blood glucose monitor to aid you in managing your diabetes and keeping health risk at bay.

There are many criterion based on which you grade a monitor best like Insurance coverage, blood sample for test, customer support, memory, portability etc. Of these, accuracy, test speed, and ease of operation (inclusive of backlight) form the important criterion.

Based on these aspects, some of the best competitors in the market are

  • Freestyle Lite of Abbott Laboratories
  • OneTouch Ultramini of Lifescan
  • Accu-Check of Roche
  • Contour TS of Bayer
  • True2go of Home diagnostics

Freestyle Lite at a Glance

Of these monitors, Freestyle Lite can be considered as the best blood glucose monitor for its notable features like its small construction with increased portability. Further, the device boasts of excellent lighting system in the device; it has Test strip port light along with backlight. This monitor has the most AST i.e. Alternative Site Testing, of finger, palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh & calf, to decrease the pain and damage of tissues. To simplify the things even further, it is imbibed with ‘no coding’ technology that accepts small blood samples and gives results in in less than 5 seconds.

Where to buy?

Buy this monitor from the following site, at $17.70.